Research Projects on the Anvil

Smart Cities and India's New Urban Imperatives: A conference is being planned on the theme.

Violence as a Medium of Democracy: From democratic protests to terrorism and the ultra-left politics, violence is permeating Indian social and political life. Even political parties in India's democratic arena speak violent language against the state, communities and people they dub as adversaries. Political leaders pride in being seen on dais with weapons such as swords, tridents and maces. The phenomenon needs exploration and discourse in the context of Indian democracy.

The Dilemmas of Policing in Fast-Growing Democratizing Societies

This international conference is being planned with CPA's old partners GERN and CESDIP in Paris. Planning for this conference worked further during Dr. Mehras stay in Paris. Funding of this conference will be taken care by Prof. Rene Levy, CPA's partner in Paris. It could be organized in second half of 2015.

Sharing Sovereignty: Identity, Regionalism and Autonomy: A Cross-national Perspective This cross-national study is being planned in collaboration with the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme and Centre d'Étude et Recherches International (CERI). CERI has also promised some seed fund to take this study forward. It proposes to examine the following questions: Theoretical dimensions of sovereignty-autonomy interface. The basis of the ‘separatist' argument demanding sovereignty/autonomy. Why does autonomy not quench a ‘separatist' sovereignty argument? Why does autonomy, as in India, peel like an onion? Under what conditions a multi-cultural sovereign statehood or a militia-cultural autonomous unit within a sovereign nation hold and what triggers a ‘separation'? The function and efficacy of a political (and/or constitutional) mechanism – ‘federal', ‘unitary' or any other innovation – in resolving the issue. What works where, why and why not? What lessons do the sub-autonomy experiences in different countries offer? The cross-cultural message. The Director, CPA spent two months in mid-2012 and a month in 2013 at MSH, Paris to work on this project with Prof. Max Jean Zins, Co-Director of the proposed project. Prof. Mehra and Prof. Max Jean Zins also undertook a one week's field work in Spain. During this period a survey of literature was also undertaken with the help of an intern. Field studies in Darjeeling, Nagpur and Hyderabad in India have been completed and analysis of data is in process. In October 2014 a one-day conference was organised at the FMSH, Paris on this theme. An edited volume based on the conference is in process.

The India part of the research work is on with a grant from the ICSSR. The interim reports on the project have been submitted to ICSSR.

Naxalism and the Relevance of Maoism Today: CPA is planning a conference on this theme.

Political Recruitment and Political Leadership: This is an area that is getting increasingly important as the demand for a fair gender representation is discoursed. Its importance also increases as the older generation of political leadership gives way to a new generation in the young India.